Yes privacy is dead.

I made this grim realisation a couple of days ago;

  • Google know exactly what I have searched for for the past 4 years.
  • MySpace knows my age, my interests, my friends and what I and they look like.
  • Facebook knows my entire life history linked from early childhood through to present day.
  • My bank knows where i’ve driven, worked, and bought ANYTHING.

Why hide anymore? Let’s face it – unless you google through a proxy server (which by the way only works on websites you wouldnt want to visit anyway), you simply don’t have a chance.

You think you can hide it?  You can’t.

If it’s not a CCTV camera, its a web cookie, or a “vehicle tax” camera, or a mobile phone operator, or a bank withdrawal.

So here I am – I’m in Basingstoke – Run come find me. My crimes are displayed here for all to see.