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Caroline’s Spine – Sullivan (Acoustic)

Artist: Caroline's Spine

Song: Sullivan (Acoustic)


High Fidelity

High Fidelity – 2011 – The Digital Rebellion


High Fidelity. 


Great Movie.

But even more importantly many of us could identify directly with the characters in the movie.
I have a friend who is a hybrid between Jack Black's character ("Barry") and John Cusack's ("Rob"). He works in a very well known independent record store and has done for many years; Through my formative years he has shaped my musical tastes in many ways by religiously producing excellent mix tapes which formed the majority of my vehicular audio accompaniments at university….
Happy days…..
But Tapes are gone now…..and so is Vinyl……CD's will be next. So I have decided to solve the conundrum faced by Rob and Dick about organising your record collection. Chronological? Alphabetical?
None of the above. CD's are dead, baby – its all about lossless FLACs these days.