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Well, as you may have noticed on the front page of this site, I have been interested in a lot different things; I intended all along to put hard evidence up on this site as a sort of homage to my own efforts, a digital ego-wall if you will.

 Hopefully over the next few days I’ll post a number of items up of various things; Episode 1 is evidence of my rapping/producing.

This track was written, recorded, mixed, and produced by me back in 2002/3, just before America went and messed everything up in Iraq. Expect strong political views and a touch of harsh language.

It’s a shame really, on many counts; I gave this track out to a couple of my mates and it caused quite a stir in Eastbourne (where I was living at the time). There was a stand up comedy circuit, and the organiser expressed interest in me performing tracks at his shows as a sort of break from the comedy; And of course some of my comments in the track were ironic/sarcastic comedy as well. I never pursued this avenue – missed opportunity #1.

 My friend Tristan has been producing rock and metal and drum n bass tracks for a  long time and offered to produce the tracks for me.  I was enjoying the control I had (having recently quit my band Imessiah), and was reluctant to give it up. I politely refused; This was a big mistake. I was blinded by the control, and couldnt see that I needed a producer to break the track up from a listeners perspective, add a hook, and a chorus as well as re-record the vocal. missed opportunity #2.

I only recorded a couple more track after, and neither were up to scratch from the production side of things. I havent rapped since 2004. Missed opporutnity #3.

But here it is; Ignorance and Bliss by Switch (as I called myself then.). Please bear in mind I did two vocal takes. One got me half way through then I made a mistake, so I started over. The vocals are all done in one take, and only on the second go. Listening to it now, I showed a lot of potential.


What have I learnt? I am stubborn, and arrogant. I have been trying to address these traits of my persona over the last 5 years and have made considerable headway at least.

Tristan, if you read this, I am sorry bro. I should have taken up your most kind and generous offer. The next track will be called Regrets and Disdain! 🙂