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T minus……Tough Guy Countdown!!!


As you can read here, and here I am entering the Tough Guy competition.  It was an excuse to get fit and lose wieght really; with the added bonus of an enormous mental challenge to boot. And it is tomorrow!!!

My kit bag:


You can see:

  • Cross country North Face running trainers, courtesy of Mark Hastings of Sandhurst fame.
  • Creatine Tablets – for extra muscle power
  • Dextrose tablets for energy
  • Support socks with anti blister design
  • Vaseline to ease chafing and to assist water runoff
  • Duct tape to seal the top of my shoes and tie them onto my feet, lest the mud sucks them off!
  • Pins to affix my running number to my shirt
  • Gloves to protect my pinkies on the rope sections
  • Spectators Passes for Maria and Karen (my sister in law)
  • Parking Permit
  • Death Warrant!!!!! this signs my life away…..

I ran 2 miles today with a couple of dextrose tablets and a  dose of creatine and felt a million odllars by the time I got home. I am rather suprised that I am not nervous at all.

I predict a couple of my team members will drop out/not turn up, no names mentioned.  I certainly wont, and I’ll post a picture of the medal on sunday evening.

Wish me luck – I’ll need it. 🙂