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To WiFi or not to WiFi, that is the question

OK, I’m torn.

 Having put up with a silly little Cat5 lead running out of my lounge into the study for 3 years I have decided to do something about it.


1) Drill a hole through two walls, and run the cable around the wall with cable conduit. (£10)

For: FASTEST and most reliable. Cheap option – about 10 quid for conduit and bits and bobs.

Against: pain in the neck and uber-ugly.

Real World Speed: Approx 75Mbit in my own tests.

2) Go WiFi (£30)

For: EASY. Little to do. Change router, plug in and go.

Against: Change IP Router to WiFi router and open up the network to hacking from outside the building. Possibly quite slow, contention issues. Possible “Brain Cookage” from radio waves. Everyone and their dog can download WEP/WPA hacking tools and punch in from outside, using my web access.

Real World Speed: 20 to 30Mbit if I’m lucky and enable the security.

3) Powerline 200Mbps (£90)

For: EASY. Plug in devices each end and go.

Against: Unsure of result – quality of electrical installation and devices attached have enormous impact on transfer speeds. Security is onyl as secure as anything else until it gets hacked.

Real World Speed: 30 to 40Mbit with security enabled.

I’m not going for number 2 beause it is insecure and also my net connection might drop out or die at inopportune moments.

Leaving 1 or 3. I better ask maria.

OK Asked Maria and she would prefer me not drilling holes everywhere, meaning I need to save up for option 3.  Have to wait until after the wedding though I guess.