10 years have passed since my university days. 

10 years of mistakes, regrets, master strokes and epic fails. Well, in the words of my favourite security guard, I'll "chalk it up" to experience, and treasure the value of that experience in later life.
As far as memories go, what do I want to remember from 10 years ago? My pet project, my university final project. It drummed up the interest of investment angels and could have been the start of an amazing future with my own company, building crazy musical devices. Frankly, that would have been great!
Unfortunately I was in a rather bohemian state of mind at the time, being 21, and simply wanted to go and have a good time, so I pretty much threw it all away. Decided not to meet with the angels, and "opted out". I simply wasn't prepared to take on that level of responsibility – which is probably one of my biggest mistakes.