Getting Fit!

T minus……Tough Guy Countdown!!!


As you can read here, and here I am entering the Tough Guy competition.  It was an excuse to get fit and lose wieght really; with the added bonus of an enormous mental challenge to boot. And it is tomorrow!!!

My kit bag:


You can see:

  • Cross country North Face running trainers, courtesy of Mark Hastings of Sandhurst fame.

Tough Guy – Im getting there!

Well I went for another 2 mile run the other day, after first spending an hour at my parents house shifting the heaviest kitchen worktop in the world and generally moving heavy stuff around.

 Truth be told – I wasn’t that tired! I managed an entire mile on the way back without stopping to walk at all; This can only mean one thing – my fitness level is increasing, and this will hopefully become an exponential growth over the next four weeks.

I played tennis again last night – winning 2 sets to love against Joel which was good fun. The result doesnt really tell the story – Joel and I are pretty evenly matched most times, and both sets were neck and neck for 5 games or so.

To give you a summary – tough guy challenge consists of 6 miles of cross country running, followed by four miles of assault course (which will involve queuing and other rests of that sort). Not easy. But not unachievable most importantly. The next step is in two weeks or so time when I will be running round virginia water (4 miles!) without stopping to walk or rest. I’m going with my brother so we can push each other, and neither of us can cheat!

I’m also buying shoes soon with help from mr Mark of Hastings, which will need to be worn in – all I need after that is a pair of cycling shorts, short running shorts and a running vest (emblazoned with my usual bling of course).

What I’m trying to say is – I AM serious about this and I WILL post a picture of me with my HARD earned medal on this website. I will.

2 months to go – pray for me.

Tough Guy – Fame!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your humble narrator is now famous; With a face now known by millions, (or at least everyone who reads the Surrey Guardian) I can hold my head high as I walk the streets, confident that I will receive invites to A-list social events and copious freebies as befits my general splendour.

The silliest thing is – we were told to look mean for this pic and noone does! Still, I was bearing my teeth for the camera until just before it was taken, when I started laughing. But you can’t tell.toughguys.jpg

I am the one on the bottom right, feel me roar.

I’ve been ill recently so you’ll have to give me a break on the training which has taken a back seat over the last couple of weeks. I have run a total of about 4 miles so far, and walked much more than that , and done a sum total of around 150 push ups.  Never mind, I have two months, and I am planning a regime of some undisclosed form in the weeks approaching the event.

I’ll keep you posted……

Tough Guy Preparation

Before we begin the training regime, I need to do some research – what should I do to train? How much training do I need,  what about clothing etc.

I found a number of websites, the most informative is this one here

From the sounds of things I’ll need to buy a little bit of gear for the task.

My big plan is: Cross Country Running – at Virginia Water, starting next to the path, and possibly planning routes “off the beaten track” once my fitness is up and my leg and knee muscles are fully toned again – I’ve been out of it for a while, and muscles lose tone in a matter of weeks…..

I also plan to go on bicycle rides around the same place, and jogging next to the basingstoke canal.

For assault course practice, apart from the rubbish down at the local park – there is an assault course at the college I go to for photography, although I think its unlikely they’ll let us train.

Another option is this

Perhaps I can persuade them to let me use their little assault course and play on the climbing wall?

This part is quite important – getting my technique down for similiar obstacles is very very important.

One thing is for sure- I’ll have to get some proper shoes for it!

Who’s a Tough Guy????

 My work colleague made me aware of a rather terrifying 8 mile “funrun” which involves signing a “death warrant”.

 Naturally, I was hooked from there on, so I’m signing up for it.

Its for charity, involves a two mile gruelling assault course at the END, and looks about as challenging at it can be.

3 years ago, I had a six pack, was spinning on my hands and other bits of my body doing bboy moves, skateboarding like a silly lunatic, and generally keeping very,very fit.

2 years ago I met my squeeze Maria La Chica, and the Waistline of Contentment has most definitely crept up on me.

 Not anymore!

It’s get fit or break my leg. I’m in, and I cant wait!

I will post full details of my training regime here, with before and after shots. I bet you can’t wait.